Healthy Foods? Think again..


Did you know that the salad rom California Pizza Kitchen contains 45 grams of sugar? Yet many people believe that this is healthy..We are being fooled by the big companies once again. This is 4,5 times the amount of sugar of a donut! Who would have thought of that! Below you will find more shocking foods that many people believe are healthy.

Yogurt, and salad, and fruit juice, oh my! Shocking foods that contain…

"…grams of sugar. Even a bottle of Vitamin Water, despite its healthy-sounding name, contains 33 grams of … sugar than a Krispy Kreme, like Vitamin Water, which contains 33 grams of sugar. Odwalla Superfoods contains…"


Another hidden sugar bomb is fruit juice. Start eating whole fruits instead and skip the juices! Fruit yoghurt is another one to avoid, it is just plain bad for your health and weight.


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