the seasonal flu vaccine or not?


The winter and fall are entering soon and lots of people decide to take the seasonal flu vaccin. I am not a big fan of this because you surpress the signs that you are ill. If you become ill you should ask yourself why? And start living more healthy, instead of relying on some drugs. Below is an interesting article about the flu vaccin and natural alternatives.

Why you should avoid taking the seasonal flu vaccine

"…a flu shot in the first place. Vitamin D, 'superfoods' far more effective than flu shots at preventing … public is not being told that vitamin D, which is most easily obtained through natural sunlight exposure…"

They suggest supplementing vitamin D and this is one of the things one can do. The shortage of sunlight can cause a shortage in this vitamin as well and many health problems can occur by this. What is wrong with the flu? It is just a natural signal that your immune system is not working as it should…

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