The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor Review – What You Should Know About This Product

If you’re wondering about the Venus Factor, no, it’s not an erotic guide for women on seducing men. Rather it is a solid guide to help women achieve their ideal physique through a diet and body toning course. In this The Venus Factor review, we will give you more information on this product so you will know what to expect from it.

john barban

The creator of The Venus Factor, John Barban, takes his cue from sacred geometry to guide women to the kind of body they need to have in order to become more attractive. He utilizes the Golden Mean to recognize the idea measurement ratio, which could be different from woman to another. He refers to this ratio the Venus Index. Because of this index, you can say that this program is more than a diet program, it’s a program for achieving a sacred body.

In writing this The Venus Factor review, we did some research on what women are saying about it (we do believe that a product is only as good as the number of happy customers it has). Our research proved what we always knew all along: it’s a hot seller with lots of positive user feedback. This led us to take a more in-depth turn to find out if it really is as good as people claim it to be.

You can tell from the title of the program that The Venus Factor book is a program made exclusively for women. Barban talks at length about the important mental and physiological variations between the two sexes (male and female) in more detail. He claims that only a diet and workout protocol designed specifically for that female physique is the only thing that can deliver optimal results. He enhances his gender-specific approach one step farther by making the exercise and diet methods easy to customize to individual women according to their height, weight, age and their body type.

What we like about this program is that it’s really easy-to-follow, even for self-professed couch potatoes. The workouts are shown and described completely in videos. Meanwhile, the personalized diet plans are filled with healthy dishes that are simple to make and even more enjoyable to eat. Even when you’re new to exercise and diet programs, you won’t have a problem following along.

Another plus in favor of this program is that the exercise routines don’t need costly gym equipment, so gym membership isn’t required to fully take advantage of it.

The Venus Factor Diet

But perhaps the most important advantage that’s worth mentioning is that you do NOT need to count calories (read that again to feel what the implications are). Instead, the program focuses on eating clean, whole-foods in reasonable portions. This makes the program much simpler to stay with and encourages women to make better choices.

This program, however, may not be suited for women who feel that they should lose weight. Remember, the focus of The Venus Program is on achieving the ideal Golden Mean figure, which may mean, in some cases, gaining weight instead of losing it.

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